Permitted Development

When developing your property you either require planning permission or not, if you do not require planning permission then you would be carrying out the building work under whats called your Permitted Development [ PD ] Rights, these rights are available to most householders in the UK.

Of the 18 million houses in England and Wales over 90% have PD Rights attached to them.PD Rights allow the average household to add: 75% extra space and 30% in value… All without the need for planning permission.

When planning permission is not required we apply, on behalf of our clients for a Lawful Development Certificate to confirm unequivocally, your exemption from Planning Permission. It is important to have this Certificate if you decided to sell your property in the future. Building under your Permitted Development Rights gives the client more of a free reign

When development has already taken place without planning permission or a Lawful Development Certificate, many consider obtaining an official certificate, we apply for a Lawful Development Certificate. If issued, this certificate can confirm the lawful consent of the work that has been carried out.

Please take look at our resources page for your Free guide to Permitted Development which explains in a lot more detail what you can and cannot do, there is also a Technical guidance booklet.

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