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We currently achieve a 98% success rate with Householder Planning Applications, of the small percentage of applications that are rejected these are normally approved on the second submission with minor revisions.

We liaise closely with the Planning and Building Control Officers to ensure your applications are approved first time around.

95% of our clients receive their building plans within 7 working days of the site survey and design consultation.

Our high quality building plans and building specification document will enable you to put out to tender to Building Contractors for the most competitive quotations in the market, this enables you to shop around. We are always acting in your best interests.

Often companies that provide a design and build service may not be acting in your interests and may take shortcuts with the design so that site construction works are cheaper for them and not for you.

We are your agents and are working independently for you.

All Contractors will be basing their quotations on accurate detailed building plans. After you have selected a contractor there should be little room for what can be expensive additional extras during the building works which you may not have budgeted for.Feedback from previous clients has indicated that our fee has been a very good investment in an effort to prevent this common problem.

We are fully insured for all liabilities and professional indemnities. Copies of our certificates are available for viewing upon request. It is essential that anyone providing architectural building design services for your home is fully insured for professional indemnity.

Your home is your most valuable asset and it is common sense that anyone providing services affecting the design and structure of your property is fully insured.

We have tried to present the information available in this website in the simplest form but dealing with Planning guidelines and building regulations are often quite complex and can be confusing, especially if this is your first development, hopefully, if you have navigated this website things may be a little clearer to you.

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The two partners have over 40 years combined experience in all aspects of planning permission, Permitted Development rights and the Building Regulations.

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